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Export to Microsoft Excel

Print2Excel allows you to export any document to Microsoft Excel

Print2Excel allows any document to be exported to Microsoft Excel. It adds sophisticated functionality like printing profiles specific to each document or report, which allows you to customize how the information is presented in Microsoft Excel.

How it works

An example could be that you have a Customer Aging report in your accounting system. You may not have an easy way to export this information to Microsoft Excel for further work. Using Print2Excel, you would select to print the Aging report and select the Print2Excel Printer. Hereafter you can specify settings like if Print2Excel should remove blank rows for easier and quicker processing in Excel once the data shows up.


Since certain documents and reports require tedious data cleanup to be useful in Excel for further processing, Print2Excel uses profiles.

Print2Excel Profile

Profiles are a set of postprocessing settings, which Print2Excel can use for certain documents to quickly provide useful data in Excel. Via profiles advanced settings like removing certain data sections, blank rows and columns, apply certain text formats etc. can all be set specifically for one report or document type, so subsequent printing of these reports immediately makes the data available in Excel cleaned up and ready for the user to use.

How does it technically work?

It works by adding a virtual printer in Windows, when you print to this printer from any windows program, the printer analyzes the printed pages and translates it into a Microsoft Excel worksheet. The Print2Excel program then launches the post processing parts to prepare the Excel data for further processing in Microsoft Excel. Please notice that printing directly from a PDF file will most often NOT result in a working Excel file. Use the original software instead.

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